Newborn Session Prep – IN HOME


Welcome to Sweet Caroline Photographie. It is my sincere joy to celebrate with your family the precious gift of your new baby. My goal is to artistically document your little one’s uniqueness and your love for your sweet miracle. In creating timeless generational photographs, my greatest desire is to capture for your family authentic moments of connection and love.

In-home Newborn sessions are usually held within the first three weeks of life, and last 2-3 hours. My approach to photographing newborns can be described as simple and organic.  I will photograph baby in mama’s and daddy’s arms (and with siblings) so you will never forget these precious moments when this tiny person stole your heart, and even more importantly, so your child will have beautiful pictures to hold onto as he grows….tangible reminders of your love for him.

The nature of an in-home newborn session is casual and relaxed, producing beautiful lifestyle photographs to represent your first days at home with your baby. I will use available window light, and will look around your home to determine the best rooms for photographs – which is often baby’s nursery, living room, parent bedroom. It is helpful to de-clutter these areas, removing distracting elements. As I am shooting, I will do this as well if needed.



On the morning of your session, it is very helpful to keep baby awake and stimulated so they are sleepy and cozy at session time.  A gentle bath is a wonderful idea and will calm baby before the session. Feed baby right before our scheduled appointment and be prepared to feed as much as necessary during our time together.

You may dress your baby in a simple onesie or special outfit – just be sure it fits baby and isn’t loose on her. I will also bring some soft, organic wraps that you may choose to use. I always encourage natural tones and textures for the whole family’s wardrobe because they keep your sweet baby the focal point.  Since newborns are perfect as they are, we don’t want to distract from their simple purity with bright colors or overpowering head pieces.

Recommended clothing for mom is something feminine with light tones of cream, white, pale pinks, gray.  Texture and layers photograph beautifully and add interest without distracting from baby. A gray or white fitted t-shirt or casual henley or button-up works great for dads, with casual pants or nice jeans.  Please avoid bright or dark colors, polo shirts and formal button-ups.  See the What to Wear page for more suggestions and a link to my Pinterest inspiration board for clothing that photographs well.

Mamas, give special attention to your hair and makeup, as these details will influence how you feel in your photos. Also you will want to manicure your nails, as they will often be prominent in photos of you holding your baby.

During your session, your most important job is to relax and love on your tiny miracle. I’ll take care of the rest.

white-spaceA note about siblings: If you would like siblings photographed with baby, it’s often best to do these at the beginning OR end of the session, so as to not over-tire them of picture-taking. 🙂

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