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As of yesterday, I am no longer the mother of a baby. OK, maybe that happened a year ago, but I consider two year olds to be “babies.” And I don’t have one of those anymore. You will notice there’s a diaper hanging out of his pants – that part, I’m ready to be done with. But most everything else about babyhood, I just adore.

The addition of this little one, Nathanael, meaning “gift of God,” was a greater blessing than any of us could have imagined. All of his brothers (and his sister, who is not pictured – her turn comes next month) completely and wholeheartedly love him. They read him books, play ninjas with him, fix him peanut butter sandwiches, fasten him in his car seat, protect him from falls, fight over who is going to stroll him….actually, they kinda smother him at times. He has never lacked for affection. Ever.

In many ways it would have been easier to have stopped at four children. Who wants to go back into baby mode when the rest of your children are five and up? Well, we did. And we are so happy and thankful to have received this gift. One of my life’s greatest joys has been watching my other kids love their smallest brother. They have learned tenderness, patience, sacrifice and love, and it’s so sweet to behold. (Except when he gets into their Legos….)

Continue following our monthly Motherhood Collective blog circle around to the beautifully talented Amanda Gibbs Photography of Atlanta.

And be blessed. And have more babies.

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