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My yearning to be a mother began in my heart many years ago. It is my greatest joy and highest calling. The mystery of participating in the miracle of life leaves me in awe. What an honor! I have been blessed to become a mother five different times. And truth be told, I would do it again. Even though I would be really tired.

I approach all of my photography (personal and client work) from a mother’s heart and perspective. This is why I encourage (even beg if I have to) mamas to be IN photographs with their children. It’s easy as a photographer to stay behind the camera because I take such delight in my craft. But now it’s my turn to be on the other side. I am thrilled to be joining several like-minded – and incredibly talented – photographers in a monthly collaborative effort to get in the frame with our littles. Because this is our legacy, and our children NEED to SEE how we loved them. To pull the keepsake box down off the shelf and flip through print after print after beautiful print of sweet moments we shared together.

So I begin with my youngest, Nathanael. Five years after we thought we were done having babies, this little punkin arrived. Oh, what a wonderful gift to our family! He is adored by all and smothered with affection, and has been since day 1.  In these photographs, we are sharing some time together in the chair where I’ve rocked all five babies. At two and a half, he loooooves his mama. Here, we are reading one of his favorite books, The Snowy Day, which was also one of my favorites as a child. He has a lot to say, and in these photographs is talking to me about the birds he sees on our feeders out the window. And smooshing his face against mine like he always does. Hmm, I guess I need these photographs as much as he does.

I’m so glad to be participating in this project. I feel such contentment and satisfaction to finally be doing for my family what I do so passionately for others. Please visit my friend at Lauren Margaret Photography next, and continue on in this lovely circle of heartfelt Motherhood posts.

mama and toddler | Chattanooga Family Photographer | Sweet Caroline Photographie

Thanks to my 12-year old son, Campbell, for taking these photographs. I have a feeling this is how it will be all year….switching up which child is IN the photographs and which one takes them.

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