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I have been given a remarkable gift.  A man who has adored me from the time we were in science lab together at Carson-Newman College.  Anyone who has known us throughout any period of our lives, whether during college, in Atlanta as newlyweds, at seminary in Texas, or the last fourteen years back in East Tennessee, can attest to the fact that the man loves his wife.  Twenty years and five kids later, he still adores me.  And I, him.  And we will always always always love each other.  I am his and he is mine, til death do us part.white-space I knew I wanted to present him with something momentous, something extraordinary that would be representative of our years together and God’s faithfulness to us.  I wanted him to be blown away.  And he was.  It was a dream come true for me to give him this treasure box, containing mementos I’ve been gathering now for months….. white-space

our wedding pictures, wrapped in the lace handkerchief I carried that day

in the vials, beads from my veil and a dried rose petal from our 16th anniversary vow renewal ceremony

our wedding invitation and program, newspaper announcement, and words written out of the hymn sung at our ceremony, Great is Thy Faithfulness…….yes, it is

pictures upon pictures of babies and more babies…..and a fifteen year old daughter and a pack of not-so-little-anymore boys

and love notes and newborn footprints

and many other reminders that we have been richly blessed and God is good

white-spaceYes…..in the midst of joy and heartache, ease and stress, the rewards and challenges of parenting and the dailyness of life…..we can hold in our hands tangible reminders of grace and relive the moments that have defined us.white-space

keepsake box for twentieth anniversaryheirloom keepsake box twentieth anniversary twentieth wedding anniversary keepsaketwentieth anniversary keepsake box white-spacewhite-space And there are vials that stand empty, waiting to be filled with reminders of sweet occasions we’ve yet to experience. And ample space to add cherished pieces of our days, our legacy to our children and grandchildren. Here’s to the NEXT TWENTY years!  Brian Smith, what’s the next treasure to be added to our box?  white-space

white-space“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

white-spacewhite-spacewhite-space Special anniversary portrait sessions, and this exquisite Heirloom Keepsake Box, are available upon request.

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