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My heart is warmed every time I walk by the photographs of my family displayed throughout our home.  I love being surrounded by tangible reminders of who we are as a family, how our children have grown, the sweet relationships between them……especially on days when they’re not so sweet.  These reminders of God’s blessings and faithfulness are such an encouragement to me.  Raising children is hard.  It’s messy.  All-consuming.  Tiring.  I NEED the visual heart-warmers!  You do too.

The artistic documentation of your family and mine deserves to be preserved in more than pixels on our hard drives.  I love digital images too!  In fact, I couldn’t share my photographs with you if it weren’t for them.  They certainly have their place.  But there’s more.  I want to give my clients something their grandchildren will pull out of the attic and pass around the table while they drink coffee and relive the legacy of their grandparents for their own children.  I want you to run your fingers over those photographs and smell their age.  I want you to be reminded every day that you are blessed as you pass by that portrait of your family hanging over your fireplace when you come home from work.

So I offer you something more.  Something beautiful.  Your images preserved on luxurious papers or canvas and displayed in your home.  Custom hardwood frames.  A handful of fine art linen prints tucked inside an Heirloom Keepsake Box.

I love to create sample wall collections for my clients!  I take your favorite images from your session, and show you how they will appear displayed on your very own wall.  Many people have a difficult time envisioning how they want to arrange their prints.  I’m happy to assist you in this process and help you create a wall gallery that you will LOVE and that will warm your heart and make you smile, even on your difficult days.

Take a look at these samples I have created for past clients.  I’m so excited to be delivering this first gallery in a couple days! I especially like the mixture of framed prints (the square one being a floating torn edge print) and gallery wrapped canvas in this beautiful display. family portrait wall collage displayed above couch family portrait wall collage above couchfamily portrait wall collage above fireplacechild portraits displayed on wallfamily portrait above fireplace


Do you want a custom photography experience?  Do you value the heirloom, the tangible?  Then I just might be your photographer.

Get in touch for more details or to reserve your session.  I will be happy to serve you.



welcome to the blog, where you'll view some of my favorite images from recent portrait sessions. I hope you'll stay a while and look around. If my natural style of photography resonates with your vision for your portraits, please reach out and allow me to serve your family.
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