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Once upon a night this past July, my five children and I gathered around my mother’s coffee table with my Mom and sister and a box full of pictures.  There were sentimental smiles, laughter, more laughter, and even a couple tears. My children discovered their Mama in a way they hadn’t before as those photographs were being passed around the room.  Thank goodness my Dad was always snapping a shutter button.  I do so love getting a glimpse into these happy days of my childhood.  I imagine my love for photography is genetic, or at least was being formed when these very pictures were being taken.  My Dad bought me my first cameras through the years, and was always pursuing the perfection of his hobby, even in his last days.  I’m thankful to him for introducing me to something I find so satisfying…..creating art out of an every day moment, freezing time, capturing beauty.

And so I keep looking through the lens.  Composing the image.  Snapping the shutter.  Because I want to remember. And I want to give my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren the gift of seeing and knowing the details of our story.  The wispy baby curls. That toothless grin.  The pudgy toes.  That curly hair you worked so hard to straighten.  Those eyes.  The way you all loved each other. The way your Dad loved me….and you.  The way I loved you….and him.


I want YOU to remember.  This chapter of YOUR story.  

We can capture it together.  It would be my pleasure.

But wait.  First, you should know a few things about me:

My name is Amy Caroline Smith, and I remember my dad singing “Sweet Caroline” to me as a child

I am DRAWN TO gorgeous light-infused images, a soft, muted palette of tones and colors, and natural and organic textures, and believe this combination makes for the most beautiful images

I would love to LIVE INSIDE a Pottery Barn catalog

My heart SKIPS A BEAT over a beautiful sunset painted across the sky, and a full October moon

I’m a lover and collector of books and would much rather TURN A PAPER PAGE than swipe a digital one

Handmade things make me HAPPY, whether it’s a loaf of bread or a knitted wool blanket or a farmhouse table

I love being the WIFE of my college sweetheart, and consider MOTHERHOOD to our five children to be my highest calling


Would you like to book your session?  Contact Amy when you’re ready for more information.


“Life is only all our moments slipped on in a row, one after the other — and if you turn slow in the light, the moments might shine translucent and the surprise of it catches you and releases you and it is what you always hoped and always knew.  There is mystery and glory in every now.”  Ann Voskamp


welcome to the blog, where you'll view some of my favorite images from recent portrait sessions. I hope you'll stay a while and look around. If my natural style of photography resonates with your vision for your portraits, please reach out and allow me to serve your family.
xoxo Amy
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